Calvary Mission

While attending a fundraiser for another minister, a speaker came from India (Satish Kumar) was speaking on behalf of that Minister. Statish's speech was simple but thankful for the minister that was raising money for that night. After the speech, everyone came up to the minister and his wife wishing them well, however God said to James to go talk to this man from India in the corner who was sitting quietly by himself. Since then a heartfelt friendship has been formed between Satish and James Allen. Wishes and Prayers would like to continue in the appreciation and support of Satish and his dedication to peace and the environment.

Single Moms Ministry

Wishes and Prayers was given the vision to begin working with single moms many years ago. We primarily carried the tradition out over the Hanukkah/Christmas Holidays. We expanded from stuffed animals, to specific toys to now providing gift cards ( recently gift cards from Walmart ) to the families during the holidays.

Halfway House

Wishes and Prayers, in tangent with a governmental entity, have put a Half Way House on the Circle Dot Ranch, where Wishes and Prayers office is located. At the Halfway House the youth learn to be productive members of our society. The work on the ranch, work in the community as volunteers, learn computer skills and hold jobs in the community. The Halfway house can house 22 young people at a time. Wishes and Prayers would like to thank God for this blessing. Also we appreciate the help of Judge Sakai and other community leaders. However this would not of been possible without the help of Senator Jeff Wentworth and the tireless and amazing work of Councilman John Clamp of San Antonio, Texas.

Circle Dot Ranch

Wishes & Prayers is located on the Circle Dot Ranch at 17253 Nacogdoches Road in San Antonio, Texas. Currently there is a small fishing lake that has been stocked and has hosted several events. After May 15th, 2012 and 4 years of waiting on permits, building on a 20 acre lake will begin. The water source and deep well for the lake has been drilled and pipelines have been put in the ground and all equipment is in place. The big well is already supplying the small fishing pond. A Wildlife permit has been applied for. Wildlife feeders and high fencing have been finished around the ranch in preparation of the animals.