About us

Wishes & Prayers began in 1986. Founder, James Allen, was working two jobs and had very little money. So he went to garage sales, instead of going to stores, to purchase items that he needed for his family. On these trips, James noticed that there were several very nice stuffed animals from the upper income homes that were hardly, if at all, used or played with. He thought that instead of paying $20.00 for a brand new large stuffed animal, he could buy them for .25 cents each (after haggling them down from $1.00) at these garage sales. James would then have them cleaned up, so he could give them out to struggling families for their children. Because for many low income and single family children, the stuffed animal was not just a toy, it was a snuggle friend that they could hug and hold onto. Hence things started off small and in 2000, James Allen was praying and was given the name of Wishes and Prayers to use for the ministry. That is how the name Wishes & Prayers came about.

In 2006 Wishes & Prayers applied for a 501c3 Non Profit Status and now Wishes and Prayers is a 501c3 entity. The board members (Directors) are James Allen and Barbara Allen